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Here you can see all Mushy's movies in one place (should you really want to)

These are Mushy's major movies - in date order so you should see an improvement as you go on LOL

Some may take a bit of time to appear -
Patience is a Virtue though !

Date Of Release 14/07/01

This was Mushy's first movie and it shows LOL - It's a bit rough around the edges but it did launch her movie career and her quest for stardom.


Date Of Release 26/08/01

'Music Without Sound' is an original idea thought up by Mushy - why should music be heard when it can be watched just as easily ?

In fact the real truth behind 'Music Without Sound' is that I am unable to work out sound in Flash but I'm still trying.

In this Mushy becomes Wild Mushroom and introduces her band, (still un-named by the way).
A new bass player (without a bass) has since joined the group (Paddy, I'll find you that bass if it kills me) LOL

An apology to my sax player too - DoD - Unfortunately I was completely pi**ed when I filmed it and the sax is in his hand and not his mouth -
(Also now fixed for future releases) LOL

And buttons make a welcome apperance !!!

Date Of Release 04/08/01

Mushy was well on the way to becoming a megastar by the time 'Mushroom With A Shovel' was released.
In this she gets the chance to have her revenge (Sorry Dan) ! and also the opportunuty to play Mushy 007 Bond LOL

Date Of Release 12/08/01

What a blockbuster this movie was !!!

Mushy was forced to film it after shaming herself by cheating !!!
Because she is such a honest mushroom she admitted her faults and was severly punished - the result -
'Mushroom In Disgrace'

After this movie there was no doubt that Mushy was truly a great actress.

Date Of Release 30/08/01

This has to be Mushy's greatest appearance to date.
For 'Mushroom Becomes A Settler' she received a long awaited and well deserved Oscar.

Unfortunately she also died in the making of this movie.
No problem though - one of the bunnys revived her by pouring red wine down her throat so Mushy lives on

And Preloading is born !!! - just a shame I didn't work out unpreloading before releasing this so the loading will play each time round LOL
No matter - I have now conqured it for future releases !
This one is a bit stubbon - it likes to take it's time to appear but stay with it - you'll see it in the end (I hope) !!!

Date Of Release 30/09/01

Well Mushroom gets in all kinds of trouble and now she's had a child !!!!
But she's had enough of being a mum already so she takes her band off on the start of their world tour.
France didn't know what hit it when the band arrived but they loved them all the same (even though they couldn't hear them) Anyway...enjoy...